Build a flexible coil forming and joining setup

Work Package Leader: Mr. Pier Vai


To Procure and build the flexible setup and test sub-components individually against tolerances, repeatability and other key performance indices.


In this WP the components and equipment for the coil forming and joining setup will be procured.  At first single components constituting the setup will be built and test individually. Test campaign will undergo a search for weak points, and the risk of each choice will be analyzed, and appropriate changes or countermeasures will be taken to minimize these risks.

Then the complete coil forming and joining setup will be assembled and a new test campaign will assess the performance in terms of high tolerances, repeatability and degree of flexibility.

Although this WP follows the outcomes of the previous ones, the applicants consider appropriate to make it start before the end of WP2 and WP3. This will facilitate supply chain, placing early orders for procurement of critical components, mitigating the risk of project delay. Activities will be reflected in deliverable 4.