AUTO-MEA was at WEMDCD 2021, the 5th IEEE Workshop on Electrical Machine Design, Control and Diagnosis, 8-9 APRIL 2021, held virtually and organized by UniMore, coordinator of the project.

WEMDCD has set the tradition of an international workshop where up-to-date research activities in electrical machines and drives are presented. WEMDCD 2021 included a significant number of invited contributions from researchers working in academia and in R&D in the industry sector. Prof. Davide Barater and Prof. Giovani Franceschini were the co-general chairs of the event.

AUTO-MEA and research on aerospace applications have been in the spotlight for the all event. Prof. Chris Gerada, University of Nottingham, UK, topic manager of the project, gave an inspiring keynote on “Power Electronics and Machines for the More Electric Aircraft” which was very well attended.

A poster session was sponsored by AUTO-MEA. This included 9 recorded presentations on topics related to the project and a live-interactive poster session with 3 minutes for a quick introductory oral presentation for each paper, followed by 5 minutes of Q&A.

AUTO-MEA also contributed with 3 papers accepted for presentation and that will be available soon for publication:

Hairpin Winding: Sensitivity Analysis and Guidelines to Reduce AC losses Eraldo Preci, Stefano Nuzzo, David Gerada, Davide Barater, Michele Degano, Giampaolo Buticchi, Christopher Gerada

Multi Three-Phase Hairpin Windings for High-Speed Electrical Machine: Possible Implementations Marco Pastura, Stefano Nuzzo, Davide Barater, Giovanni Franceschini

Considerations on the Preliminary Sizing of Electrical Machines with Hairpin Windings Mohammad Soltani, Stefano Nuzzo, Davide Barater, Giovanni Franceschini