Development of a high precision, flexible joining method

Work Package Leader: Prof. Giovanni Franceschini


To test different materials and wire types to determine the best joining technology. A flexible setup to weld/join coils will be implemented to complete the winding system.


This work package runs in parallel with WP2 and follows the outcomes of WP1. Considering the type of wires selected in WP1, the joining method will be assessed comparing the performances of the different technologies against production or hiring costs. In Particular key performance indicator will be: Automation capability, Flexibility, Tool wear, Process stability, Accessibility, Cycle time, cost, maturity of the technology. 

After preliminary design review, corrections will be discussed and implemented, if needed. If the best solution will reveal to be prevented by excessive development cost, a layout for easily integration of external welding equipment will be preferred in accordance with the TM.

Sample with different material wire types will be produced to determine the best joining technology. Then, the suitable components for AUTO-MEA will be identified, a first version of the winding system electrical and mechanical layout will be produced.